Empowering Schools Worldwide by Enhancing Language Learning
  • Comprehensive world  Language Programs: In-Person, Online, and Hybrid Options for Schools
  • Enhancing Language Education: Tailored Programs for Schools Worldwide

Neurolingua offers a comprehensive world  language solution for schools,

fostering student confidence and empowering them as lifelong learners

Our school programs Includes:

Flexible Delivery

Choose from in-person, live virtual, or hybrid language programs covering a wide array of languages, including Spanish, English, French, Mandarin, and German,

Expert Instructor

Our instructors are native speakers, rigorously trained, and continuously supported to provide top-notch education.

Tailored Materials

Carefully crafted and chosen to suit every age group and proficiency level  to enhance the learning experience.

Seamless Assessment

Our assessment methods align with your grading policies,connect with your school curriculum.

In-school language programs

Our instructors are native speakers, rigorously trained, and continuously supported to provide top-notch education.

Offers diverse programs

Including After School and Summer Camps, tutoring for English Language Learners.

Our Features

Online Learning Materials for IB, IGCSE™, GCSE, CBSE & ICSE

Our extensive school language curriculum resources are ideal for developing exam skills, offering you and your students all you need to make and see progress, including:

Gamification For Better Engagement

It’s a well-known fact that students love gaming, so we integrated gamification mechanics to courses to increase interaction, motivation and provide a more effective learning process than with traditional methods.

Exam-style Questions

Neurolingua language learning has been designed to support you in developing  students’ exam skills, through sound pedagogical activities spanning listening, reading, writing and speaking. Challenge students with 1000 of  full-immersion questions.

Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking Cover All the Bases

Experience a holistic approach to language acquisition with our tailored resources, designed to enhance listening, reading, writing, and speaking proficiency.

Why Choose Us?

Crafted by real teachers

All our lessons and materials are created by certified language teachers, who understand the students' needs.


micro-learning is focused,bite-sized chunks,easily digestible of information necessary to help a learner achieve actionable language objectives .

Complements your curriculum

Customise your curriculum with Lingvera your teaching objectives, assignments and lessons, keeping your students learning both in and out of the classroom.

Trusted by Reputed Institutions and organisations